Princess Sarah Culberson - Impact Award

Princess Sarah has an extraordinary journey that has been featured on CNN, GMA and BBC, among numerous other publications worldwide. She is an internationally-known thought leader, artist and educator whose work addresses biracial and cultural identity and raises awareness of issues impacting Sierra Leone. She shared the story of reuniting with her birth father in “A Princess Found: An American Family, an African Chiefdom, and the Daughter who Connected them All,” co-authored with Tracy Trivas and published by St. Martin’s Press. “A Princess Found” is now being adapted into a major motion picture for Disney Studios by award-winning filmmaker Stephanie Allain. Princess Sarah and her brother, Hindogbae (Hindo) Joseph Kposowa, founded the non-profit Sierra Leone Rising, which distributed aid during the 2014 Ebola outbreak and 2020’s Covid-19 crisis, and continues to raise funds for community growth and clean drinking water. Her diverse background and experience in education and DE&I work over the past 15 years has led her to present as an TEDx speaker, as well as an international keynote speaker in schools, universities and corporations. Princess Sarah's work in education and technology has led her to create upcoming projects, including an animation show with Regina King and Randy Jackson, as well as a Roblox game to connect children to cultures around the world.