The Bounce Trumpet Awards recognize individuals and/or groups who augment the richness of this great global society by partnering with the cause of justice and equality of all. The awards were created to herald the accomplishments of black humanitarians who have succeeded against immense odds. Special recognition is given to the few, symbolic of the many, who have overcome the ills of racism and poverty and achieved greatness. Featuring some of the biggest names in television, film, music, politics and the arts, the event has been televised annually for over 25 years and distributed internationally to over 185 countries around the world. Past honorees include such luminaries as Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Ray Charles, President Nelson Mandela, Beyoncé, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many more.

The Trumpet Awards were originally presented by Turner Broadcasting in 1993 before being transferred to The Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc. the following year. 2017 introduced a new chapter for the awards when Bounce, the nation’s fastest-growing television network designed for African-American audiences, acquired all assets for the venerable awards from the Foundation, bringing a renewed focus to the awards.

The mission of The Bounce Trumpet Awards is to inspire, educate, stimulate and enlighten human minds to the reality that success, achievement and respect are void of color and gender. With that in mind, Bounce created seven distinct categories that honor those who have made significant contributions to “the quality of life for all.”

  • The Community Activist Award recognizes an individual who dedicates their time and energy to raising awareness of an important cause or issue and to fight for change in their community.
  • The Corporate Executive of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has excelled in business by leading companies to new heights while creating opportunities for others to succeed.
  • The Excellence in Entertainment Award recognizes an individual for their exceptional achievements in entertainment, having made a tremendous impact with their creative works that have shaped the industry.
  • The Luminary Award recognizes an individual who has risen to the top of their field and has illuminated and inspired others along the way.
  • The Rising Star Award recognizes a young person who is trailblazing and quickly establishing themselves by making a significant or historical impact in their particular field or industry. These are the ones to watch.
  • The Xernona Clayton Award recognizes individuals who, having succeeded against immense odds, herald change and prosperity to enhance and enrich the world.

Those who, through consistency and longevity, have achieved success in a chosen profession or career are eligible for consideration. Potential honorees are those persons who are viewed not only for what they have individually achieved but also for the achievement they inspire in others.